Tuscan vegetable tanned leather // Navy Blue, Chestnut, Red

This leather matures over time. The products from Chestnut, Red, and Blue leather are unique and have their own life, they are not the same for their entire life, but they change, continuously, for the better. Vegetable-tanned leather goes richer, warmer, and darker depending on your lifestyle and how you handle the product.

Tuscan pure aniline leather //Brown, Black, Green, Coffee 

Our brown, green, black, and Coffee pure aniline leather is a little bit softer than the blue one and natural-looking leather with the unique surface characteristics of the hide remaining visible. The leather we use‚ is the most expensive leather to produce because only the best selection of hides can be used to produce full aniline leathers. This Pure Aniline is top-grain leather that is dyed for color without any pigments applied. These hides will exhibit some natural characteristics such as healed scars, scratches, neck, and belly wrinkles. This leather will develop a rich patina over time and will fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Tuscan full-grain leather // Graphite

Our graphite leather is a soft and beautiful-looking leather with unique surface characteristics. This leather is extremely durable and helps you get rid of scratches. This leather is anti-dirt and easily washable.

Premium 100% merino wool felt

Wool felt is a natural product. And a high standard of dye processes in Germany and contents of 100% wool make this product earth-friendly and recyclable. Since wool felt is made of sheep's wool and viscous staple fibers, this means that after the felt product has been used or become worn out, it can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and also feels soft to the touch.

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