Leather product components

Our products are made of the highest quality Italian leather, it is necessary to take particular care of them. The premium leather we use does mark quite easily. If you discover a light surface mark on your leather product, this can be easily buffed away with a dry finger, a piece of leather or soft cloth. When the leather gets wet it ages and hardens a little.

  • Don't keep your product‚ in the rain for long periods of time (keep it under your umbrella). If the product becomes wet to wipe away excess moisture and then leave to dry naturally in room temperature. Do not attempt to dry with a direct heat source.

  • Try to avoid the leather coming in contact with light colored clothes and vice versa: some clothes (especially denim) lose color and might rub off onto your product. Avoid the contact or embrace the developing patina. Your choice.

  • If in doubt or you are experiencing some pretty bad staining go to a special leather cleaning expert.

To keep the leather on your product looking its best you can apply natural leather wax, balm or oil. They all have a different effect so please apply on a small corner first. Ask a specialist in your area to recommend the best product to use. The leather tends to go darker if you treat it and does not need to be treated very often.

Felt product components

We recommend cleaning the felt components with a wet cloth and soap. The felt is hydrophobized, making it water-proof. If you have a small mark on your felt case then please leave the item to dry out before using a damp cloth to gently wipe the surface on and around the mark. Please be careful not to rub the felt too hard. 

If this doesn't work and for more permanent stains, we recommend taking the product to your local dry cleaner.

Notice: Please follow the instructions and recommendations of the producer when using impregnation products. We cannot accept any responsibility for the improper use of products.

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